The year of 2020…

Aayush Agarwal
1 min readJan 3, 2021

The year of unpredictability. The unprecedented virus that hijacked the humanity. But also The year of true heroes.The doctors, nurses, sanitation personnel who gave us some hope.

The year of social distancing. But also the year when the world became one to fight the pandemic.

The year of lost breaths, but also the
year that saw the earth breathe due to less vehicles, lesser production hazards.

The year of lost jobs and businesses . But also the year where people began to think differently, learn new skills at home, the year of contemplation.

The year of Why's. Why so many deaths? Why is Australia burning? Why there are so many fires? But also The year of voices. The voice against black discrimination rooted in our society.

The year when we lost some favourite artists to paradise , but their art still resonates with our vibes.

The year when everything came to a standstill, but some exciting sports and IPL brought some normalcy in everyone’s lives.

The year when theatres shut down, but we discovered some hidden content and underrated gems on OTT.

Altogether, The year of wounds that will heal with time, but may leave a scar for long . The year that might change our daily lives forever, as we adapt to this 'new normal’.

We are never in control of what happens around us, but we are always in control of what happens within us.... "



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