Savour the journey & not worry about getting anywhere - Chhichhore Movie Analysis

“While 3 Idiots encouraged you to pursue what you love,Chhichhore merely says take a beat, resist the pressure that academics and life will put on you, forge enduring friendships, make lasting memories."

The sole reason why Cinema is beyond entertainment.Two great movies based on similar themes- college,the rat race for being at the top,'losers' but winners in friendship.Yet they give us a different perspective. 3 Idiots was about doing what you love and success will come no matter what. While Chhichore puts a reality check on how we try to give our best but life plays a great leveller! It tells us to believe in our process rather than outcome."Tumhara result decide nhi karta hai ki tum loser ho ki nahi ... tmhari koshish decide karti hai ".

The iconic scene is where the basketball goal fails to happen ,because it is then we realize that movie was not about winners,but about the losers who actually won !

Comparing two of them,3 Idiots was a movie for all. It had all the elements which could be ticked by both audiences and critics. It was a very fresh piece at that point of time. Talking about Chhichhore ,it could be best described as “Jo Jeeta wahi Sikandar meets 3 Idiots meets Student of the year”. The movie successfully blends an emotional yet hilarious journey of engineering students and how a bunch of misfits find their own way. It had some great one liners which were at par with 3 Idiots. The wholesome cinematic experience built in 3 Idiots was the biggest plus I feel and is unmatched. Both the movies stand high on the message delivered.

In today's fast-paced world where we are in constant comparison with others , when we want to win at any cost, the movie deals with failing when you are seemingly born to win everything.

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