Reality is an illusion -A Black Mirror

Aayush Agarwal
3 min readApr 6, 2020

I’ve a black mirror, Never shows my reflection. Still blinks , Back at me…

Black Mirror , a set of cautionary tales at Netflix that transports us into fictional worlds of technology. Yet we can imagine something that will become our future reality, a sad reality.

Starting with the very start , The National Anthem. One of the most disgusting and gruesome episodes of the show. Yet, we don’t realize how tech robs our moral without we even realizing it. No matter what, we don’t take our eyes off the screen !

Another episode where you could see “The entire History of You”! How we live in a world where we want to capture and record every moment of our lives. And we forget that sometimes being able to forget is very necessary for happiness. Perfectly captured :

Don’t Let The Past Blackmail Your Present To Ruin A Beautiful Future.

Then comes one of my favorites- Nosedive. When a person is judged by ratings just like an app, No one is their real self. This is your social media of today.

One of the saddest -White Bear. A society that no longer engages in reality but merely watches and records anything and everything. If the real world is perceived as Disney world. Sound interesting but turns out to be haunting. No doubt ,The women there commits a crime, but the extent to which mob mentality can go is hazardous.

'Hated in the Nation’- A show dedicated to trolls we find everyday on Twitter,Insta…We never realize how a couple of hashtags can effect person’s stake.We just hate and hate more.

Episode like 'White Christmas' bring out concept of cookie in real world- artificially replicating brain simulations. The concept of “blocking" people in real life much fatal than we do on Whatsapp. All that a blocked person could see is just icon of people who blocked. Isolation is a punishment with no redemption.

"People want to be noticed .They don’t want to be shut out. It makes them feel invisible"

Then comes 'Black Museum' - tales of artificially implanting happiness,and make us introspect how long such happiness realistically last anyhow? The technology and materialistic world we live in seems to implant these for us, but they fail to replace it with eternal happiness and satisfaction.

'The Waldo Moment' portrays a fine line between satire and actual politics that is blurring day by day. If Politics becomes a circus, It will be ruled by Jokers !

Some of the episodes have a positive side. ‘San Junipero' — the idea of living young after death is out of the world!

Overall, Black Mirror is a box of chocolates,all of them are dark chocolates. All the Black mirrors merge in a single galaxy which is now visible from our own world. Control yourself before technology starts controlling you !

A mirror reflects what you see, and a Black Mirror shows the dark side of it.



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