Privacy is a myth, just like Democracy

Aayush Agarwal
2 min readOct 20, 2019


When services are free, then customers are product. You might be facing a day-to-day shock when you find a product you were searching on your Facebook feed, the places and people you connected being a part of your recommendations. The big umbrella of Internet know a lot more about you than you realize.

But Shouldn’t this be self-understood? You must have used every card you owned to get a 1 month free Netflix. You don’t shy away from giving access to your FB or Google account to use a certain service on internet. You try every method to watch pirated movies and download cracked APKs online. Sharing your IP, location,email addresses is not a concern! Isn’t it?

How many of us care to purchase softwares when they are freely available on Torrent? How many of us have premium subscription of LinkedIn?

We want to access every service for free, but we deny accepting the fact that big giants like Google and Facebook use their customers as a product , as a source of their big database which is now their private property.

Now coming to Politics - ‘a game of mind that plays with the mind.’ And what’s the best way to play with the minds of voters in an election- their not so 'valuable' information.The one writing in favor of party A on social media should be bombarded with the hate comments on party A and vice-versa.

What kind of democracy is this when your actions are influenced by not our own perspectives, but the shouting media and web. Political discussions are banned in one of the Whatsapp group I am a part of, because we realize how such forwards with little or no conscience create large havoc and spam.

We read a Facebook post and all of sudden we start abusing other political party like anything! Such forwards on politics create what we call a political divide within our friends, and our family.

When you say 'I have nothing to hide’,you actually are in a state of acceptance, you meant to say 'I have lost my rights. I am a slave of your esteemed Facebook , Instagram and Twitter organization.’ Here is the future of Privacy-

The citizens will divide between those who prefer convenience and those who prefer privacy.



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