Why the Game of Religion is not so Sacred?

Aayush Agarwal
2 min readOct 7, 2019

Man cancels food order over non Hindu driver.This instance itself makes you respond with a #MatlabKuchBhi moment. Everytime he orders Vegan food on Zomato he wants tree to deliver it,else uninstalling...What makes it even worse is that people were supporting this man in the name of religion.

Talking about the recent SurfExcel advertisement, Intolerance is when you are offended by an ad that promotes peace and brotherhood.Seems like Secular term has been replaced by offense now a days.

What's more surprising is that many of us stand against scrapping of Article 370 and support the Liberals-Separatists-Jihadi Nexus whose only motivate is to divide the country in the name of religion.What's more surprising is that we don't have any problem against Hindu-Muslim angle constantly popped up in our favorite web series Sacred Games.We often ignore the ideology they bring above the entertainment aspect we enjoy.But we never fail to ignore the question of social status and religion in Baduan gangrape-murder and Kathua case, we never fail to criticize movies like 'Oh my God' and 'PK' that teach us the true meaning of religion.
We for a long time have had elections and vote bank politics revolving around the religion. We for a long time have tolerated "anti-secular" thoughts under the umbrella of so called freedom of speech and liberty.All the riots in India involved people of all religions.In some cases, Hindus were victims, sometimes Muslims,Christians and sikhs.

We are no longer Indians ,but a group of people who came together for some selfish motives.And these motives are being en-cashed by politicians.

It’s in our blood to discriminate based on blood even though we all have the same blood.

To know more what Religious divide does to us, hear this from Black Friday: (Credits- Indian Ocean)




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