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Aayush Agarwal
2 min readAug 16, 2020


A memory. A dream. A billion hopes. One Man. When there are no facilities, it’s your inner power that will take you to the next level. That’s Mahendra Singh Dhoni from Ranchi.

An era came to a standstill when the legend announced his retirement. But what makes the man so special? It’s not only his magic in the field of cricket, but the magic of his persona that touched millions of heart across the world.

Revisiting how this untold story evolved - The version 1 , we saw a long haired boy from Ranchi we fall in love with ; hitting raining sizes , finishing off things with Yuvi . Newspapers filled with “Dhoni ne dho dala” : ) The young captain who came out victorious with his young boys in 2007 T20.

Then came the Version 2.0 — It was about change. MS had to say 'No' to the Fab5 for bringing about the equilibrium, the greater good of the team. No longer a carefree hitter, but someone who could bat at any position for the team. It was the time of many tough decisions and choices - but something great was about to come. 2011 WC and many other milestones.

Dhoniiiiii...finishes off in style…a magnificent strike into the crowd…India lift the World Cup once again after 28 years…the parties start in the dressing room…and it’s an Indian Captain who has been absolutely magnificent in the night of the final."

The Version 3.0 . When nothing was left to prove. The man handed his legacy to Virat but still the DRS (Dhoni Review System 🙂) behind the wicket was unmatched. The emotional connect continued and it will.

Never let success get to your head and never let failure het to your heart.

Precisely, MS. Humble , someone who gives the trophy to the youngest of his team and takes entire responsibility of loss on himself. A man who taught us to control emotions no matter what. A man who taught us to believe in process and not outcomes. A man who taught us that team is bigger than any individual. A man who taught us that it’s okay to be unconventional. A man who taught us how faith and recognizing talents can bring about unexpected results. A man who taught us that you could dare to dream. Because Dreams do come true.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni.Still a phenomenon, representative and a brand ambassador of our beloved sports.

It doesn’t matter where you start, all it matters is where you end.



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