Koi bhi desh perfect nhi hota …

Aayush Agarwal
3 min readJan 27, 2020


Our society has to be pushed towards positive change with our own bare hands.

As we celebrate 70 years of republic, choosing to present few not so comfortable questions rather than jingoistic nationalism that Akshay Kumar movie will provide. Because no matter how much we boost of our positives, there is a long list of wrongs- biased media, religion and caste divide, biased courts, not so secure 'MotherIndia’, lack of R&D in education etc. etc.

It’s 2020 and no, there are no flying cars , no immortality pills and no chance of vacation on Mars. But yes , we made a lot of progress in continuing an age old fight over religion, maintaining our crime rate, polluting our nation and obviously our critically acclaimed and 'regressive' thinking.

Kalam Sir in his 2020 vision for India focused on 5 key components- agriculture and food, education and healthcare, IT industry, reliable electric power , transportation and infrastructure. We have achieved some success in strengthening in education, healthcare,IT, infrastructure but still farmers don’t get their slice of pie due to middleman, startups still thrive not on profit but on survival, villages still face a 12 hour powercut , many ATMs still operation on Windows XP !

Nevertheless, who are we to pinpoint our failures? The system? The politicians?

Or will we will get inspired by RDB (Rang de basanti) candle marches as we saw in the Jessica Lal murder case? This was a fine example how society took leaf out of the movie and took responsibility to change things themselves. The villians targeting our nation will keep evolving , and so must be our belief in fighting the corrupt.

Door se commentary dena bahut aasan hota hai… And here lies the problem. We fail to realize our mistakes and cover it up with over the top nation praises. We talk about adopting Swadeshi movement, but our day to day meets are governed by outside, we are forced to buy weapons from a U.P. sized Israel, US is much ahead in technology and education and uses us as cheap labor for their Silicon valley.These are bitter truths we no longer can escape. It’s time to brainstorm and educate ourselves.

We have miles to cover when we want to remove the 'developing' nation tag. And when we say being developed - it does not only mean with respect to economy and GDP, it basically comes down to maintaining your roads, being innovative and literate, being purposeful and broaden our thinking and most importantly feeling of self belonging for the country. A 'happiness' index to measure the growth acheived.

However good a Constitution may be, if those who are implementing it are not good, it will prove to be bad. However bad a Constitution may be, if those implementing it are good, it will prove to be good.

~ Dr. B.R Ambedkar



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