It’s simple chaos, A moral ambiguity - Breaking Bad Analysis

Aayush Agarwal
3 min readFeb 9, 2020


A lot has already been said and written about this 99.3 percent brilliance. It’s all about the tragedy of getting what you want , doing everything for the family at the cost of one’s family , a fine example of an ethical and moral ambiguity one could face.

A story about the loss of innocence. Jesse- someone who was disillusioned with the world, someone whose moral purity is harmed. When he isn’t getting beated, but instead beating himself up, accepting 'I am the bad guy’.

Jesse may seem to be a negative character , but he makes us realize something- the grave error we commit of underestimating people .

Jesse is loyal, and possess unnoticed aptitude and good by heart after all. He teaches us to take responsibility of things and not blaming external circumstances for our own personal choices . Someone who leaves a deep mark in our hearts !

Next character -Gus. A corporate structure applied to crime business. That is evident from his death scene when he is shown adjusting his tie - the man inside him is gone, but the capitalism remains. The corporate life brings out the Gus within us.

Skyler — the character brings out reality of our lives. We tend to hate people even though they are right,and virtuous because we are embracing the path of wrong , we are breaking bad. Really “Someone needs to protect this family from the man who protects this family” . Spot on !

Hank — the real hero. A truly inspiring and underrated character. Despite many mental and physical pains, he remains firm to his core principles. Teaching us to fight against all odds without losing our integrity.

Other characters namely Gale teaches us about the consequences of your actions.He seems innocent , a man doing just a job he is hired for,but he is a part of evil eventually. Knowingly or unknowingly , he became a part of that deep hole.

Marie -a character who shows someone you call kleptomaniac, awful, irritating, egoistic, turns out to show compassion and love at the need of an hour. Don’t judge!

Walter Jr. shows how living in misinterpretations and ignorance can eventually damage the inner peace and soul. Being subjected to such better truths at such a young age can shake till the core.

And finally, how a man changes from Walter White to Heisenberg.The fly episode where he contemplates on things, when he lost his soul. Finally he confesses-
“I did it for me.I liked it, was good at it. And I was really…I was alive.” The actions could no longer be justified.

This all makes us introspect - “How much is enough?How big this pile has to be?” The unrealized potential added with Walt’s ego, multiplied with Stress divided with the catalyst cancer resulted in a tragic end.

“I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen.”



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