A virus response hijacks the Humanity

Aayush Agarwal
2 min readMar 19, 2020

Some events, ,some decisions can change the course of many things forever.

These few highly improbable events called as “Black Swan” can probably change the dynamics in many ways. For instance, The attack of 9/11 changed geo-politics forever. Demonetization in India paved way for digital payments through Paytm etc. And then the epidemic Coronavirus…

A virus that was able to hijack the whole humanity despite all technological advancements in the 21st century. All developed economies struggling to find a solution, and ending up with increased death toll each passing day.

It tells a lot about us humans. We humans have always been a threat to all other life on Earth. It’s simply a response of our evil to other beings . Quite introspective -

“Earth is infested with human-virus & corona is vaccine”.

A lot of panic and fear and despair. But everything is not whole black and white. Same goes with this deadly virus. No doubt, we saw people losing their income, their health, and their loved ones to cornavirus.

On a positive note, we can see how people are putting out their political & personal differences & following rules ,regulations and spreading awareness. They are learning how to wash their hands, and relearning basic hygeine habits taught at primary school !

What else has happened? The people stayed home, they began to think differently, learned new way of being. The earth slowed down. and gave time to contemplate on things we couldn’t, giving time to discover what we couldn’t in our face of life.

The world is on lockdown during Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the earth can breathe now due to less vehicles, lesser production hazards.

We might be realizing the importance of in-place health care infrastructures. And realizing how money can’t buy your well-being.

We might see people becoming more aware of hygeine,increased togetherness worldwide, and yes -a culture of work from home : )

What not, The outbreak of such epidemic tells a lot about a country and it’s real story of development. A real test of a nation which claims itself to be a superpower, Is it able to protect it’s citizens at the need of an hour? Is it able to stand high on its “happiness index”?

Often said, A grey rino becomes a black swan , as we continue to be ignorant in our lives , forever ever and ever. History is interesting only because nothing is inevitable. And today’s crisis becomes the history of future generations without us even noticing.

Start Caring ! Namaste : )

There are decades when nothing happens, then there are weeks when decades happen



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