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Aayush Agarwal
3 min readMar 17, 2021


Movie — Tamasha

So, How the above quote will change for the new gen? Will they stop working in corporate offices? Will they all prefer to be YouTubers, social media influencers and other trendy titles? Probably, No. But It still will be a drastic change.

The guy in the picture represents the new age — He will not linger on promotions and climbing up the ladder. He will not linger on a huge bank balance and cheesy society status. But He will embrace the work that creates a positive impact, a culture of learning and sharing, a life not measured by milestones but precious moments.

The blog is all about taking insights into how we as a generation will change for good or bad, our perspectives and our outlook towards living.

Be it Millenials busy with their job or GenZ currently in college — They don’t want to remain bound to closed cubicles and traditional classrooms. They want to sit anywhere, learn, explore and experiment in their ways.

About the workplace, Expecting folks to turn up at nine to show their face, swipe their cards, mark their attendance is not about professionalism. It’s rather childish for us. The management must stop being Operandi for functioning and let the individuals decide the best way they can contribute!

About learning, Yes, we still carry the burden of a failed education system that takes on it’s past and ugly legacy. I hope we can bring some change there!

And, Of course, The burden of all other social vices. We won’t be shredding from society but try our best to uproot the long-lived hypocrisy in the name of so-called “societal obligations”.

Then comes, A hope for GenerationEqual. We have come a long way but still have a long road ahead. Seeking for a world where — We both can cry. We both can be pilots. We both can be fashion designers. We both can be right. We both can be wrong. We both deserve rules equal-equal. As we all must remember -

The generation that’s treated equally today will treat each other equally tomorrow.

This ad by Flipkart sums it perfectly:


Now time to address some queries : )

You complain GenZ always busy on their phones and ignoring the world around them. Infact, they make those disruptions mainstream through powerful Internet tools.Be it #BlackLivesMatter or #MeToo movement.

You say GenZ being careless souls who have lost it; they say we will figure it out in our way.

You measure success by pocket-size; we measure it by the pocket of satisfaction.

You prefer to stick around and eventually retire; we lack that patience.

You seldom ask us What we want to be in future; GenZ asks themselves what they want to be now.

You are busy building a nest for the future while we care for the present moment.

However, one thing to admit- our generation is more uncertain about our safety and permanence. Probably, we have access to the horrible things happening in the world than probably what could be seen ten years ago.

Rest assured, You will be a constant source of inspiration. We might contradict but won’t criticise. We might be carefree but not careless. We want to create our legacy but will preserve yours. In a nutshell, No generation is ever perfect, yet every generation claims so.

Remember the past. Create the present. Inspire the future.



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