A city that runs on dreams and smoke

Aayush Agarwal
2 min readNov 2, 2019

This New year resolution is not going jogging for staying fit, but staying at home to stay alive. We questioned Lankan players for resorting to ugly methods, but we didn’t question how hazardous smog was no longer a problem for our Indian players. We have accepted it, we became used to the poison and we no longer care.

We are busy in citing many reasons of the prevailing air quality - the “Hindu" crackers, stubble burning, never ending road constructions, vehicles and off course politicians. But we no longer care or believe in mitigating the things.

The more Science tells us that climatic disaster is nearer, the more ignorant we become. We either start accepting that nothing can change, or call it a Chinese plot or try to silence the issue and media. We are not adopting the approach of uniting together, but alienating ourselves as nations, in order to block tomorrow’s climate refugees.

Delhi, a capital that runs into dreams and smoke. People have no choice but settle and breathe here in search for a living. Many missing their hometown near mountains and rivers feel caught in the middle.

But do we care? We never cared when the polluted city forced a women to cover her face , we never cared when politicians spread the air of hatred, we never cared when our souls became polluted.

We can still do something before the climate completely turn it’s eye away from us. Tackle big offenders, the never ending constructions in our city, focus on Delhi NCR single connectivity and imposing restrictions, not just bans on plastic. Instead of broadcasting “Humein hi vote de !” every second, spend sometime in creating awareness on planting more trees in media. Leveraging technology to encourage public transport and car-pooling .(Few of them like Quick ride and BlaBlaCar are noteworthy)

We turned from villages to cities,from rural to urban, from a place devoid of high rise buildings to a corporate hub. This is our definition of development.

In these times of ignorance , selfishness and our strange quest to take every well wisher for granted, We messed up the air we breathe.



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