A circle of life,A great leveller - Game of Cricket

Aayush Agarwal
2 min readOct 7, 2019

Here is the sum up of WC19 Ind vs Nz semifinal -

It's funny isn't it. You plan for years, play 9 tough games and then your hopes of a World Cup win and the resultant career high rest on an hour and a half of T20 equivalent cricket.

~Harsha Bhogle

Cricket has so much to teach you. As students, you plan for years, day and night to be a future IAS officer, getting into IITs IIMs and it finally rests on a 3 hour examination. But it's always better to keep hopes alive by a Jadeja like knock where there is a possibility to win in life !

Next, Life - an unpredictable bouncer. This world cup we saw Kiwis believed to be chokers win against the unbeaten, Rohit Sharma criticized for inconsistency was the most consistent of all , and one more unpredictable thing was how the Indian team Bench is brimming with so much talent that some of it retires in frustration : )

Life also keeps on throwing bowls in form of opportunities whose outcome we can't predict. Everyday we hear suicides all over for failing in exam, unsatisfied job and what not. Why ??

Life Yorker thodi hai , Jo khelni hi hai… It just throws u balls in form of opportunities and circumstances which you might miss,but if we keep on holding your crease, with a focus on life’s pitch , guess what ? You will finish it off in style with a six !

This obviously reminds of legend this game has produced- MSD ! As MSDian , it is painful to see him struggle to hit boundaries with ease which made him the best finisher of modern cricket, but yet it pens down to another life lesson - “It ends where it all started' . This remains the unaccepted fact of our lives ,yet it turns out to be true afterall . Dhoni started his ODI career with a runout, he got run out in his probably the last world cup match ?? #KeepTheFansGuessing : )



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