She wanted to be a journalist when she lost the emotional prime time debate with her mother.

Cricket was indeed his religion when he was worshipping IIT-JEE books.

She was made to load guns in the army but ended up loading syringes in the hospital.

He struck a perfect chord with music when dire circumstances hit his family.

These aren’t the stories of success or failures but tales of choices.
Choices that we end up making, choices that make us.

Between life and death, there is a library,' she said. 'And within that library, the shelves
go on forever. Every book…

Back in school, the parents and faculty were made to watch “Taare Zameen par”. Yes, the same movie that says, “Every child is special”. But, it looks like the film ending was wide open for interpretation : ) Probably that’s the reason why most parents thought their child will shine like a star only in IIT-JEE and engineering, and the reason why schools set such high standards for Science compared to commerce and humanities.

Nonetheless, two years of slogging between coaching and boards. It looks like India’s coaching industry every year makes more money than Bollywood. Some make it to…

Movie — Tamasha

So, How the above quote will change for the new gen? Will they stop working in corporate offices? Will they all prefer to be YouTubers, social media influencers and other trendy titles? Probably, No. But It still will be a drastic change.

The guy in the picture represents the new age — He will not linger on promotions and climbing up the ladder. He will not linger on a huge bank balance and cheesy society status. …

The above quote precisely fits well when it comes to Software engineering. Doesn't it? How many times we just got away without proper Code review to make the work live? How many times did we get away with horrible nested loops in your code? Do we even talk about page speed score for the website built? The answer- "These ideals don't work in the real world", says Chatur from 3 Idiots : )

A sad truth. Who will answer the impatient client who mails now and then? …

The year of unpredictability. The unprecedented virus that hijacked the humanity. But also The year of true heroes.The doctors, nurses, sanitation personnel who gave us some hope.

The year of social distancing. But also the year when the world became one to fight the pandemic.

The year of lost breaths, but also the
year that saw the earth breathe due to less vehicles, lesser production hazards.

The year of lost jobs and businesses . But also the year where people began to think differently, learn new skills at home, the year of contemplation.

The year of Why's. Why so many…

Ever wondered how your WhatsApp actually works behind the scene? This blog will uncover the magic behind a real time messaging platform supporting 200 million users worldwide.

To understand this, Let’s start with how 2 clients(mobile,desktop etc.) can communicate via Internet. They must know their IP addresses.

A memory. A dream. A billion hopes. One Man. When there are no facilities, it’s your inner power that will take you to the next level. That’s Mahendra Singh Dhoni from Ranchi.

An era came to a standstill when the legend announced his retirement. But what makes the man so special? It’s not only his magic in the field of cricket, but the magic of his persona that touched millions of heart across the world.

Revisiting how this untold story evolved - The version 1 , we saw a long haired boy from Ranchi we fall in love with …

You might be using few Progressive Web Apps daily but you never realized it. But PWA is going to sky-rocket in the future.

Everyone is addicted to smartphones now. We are burdened with so many apps, some of which we rarely use. But why do we need to download a native app in the first place?

Because I will never want this experience on my mobile browser.

But then we saw some websites that looked fine on the mobile browser. Ask a developer the pain it took to adjust stylings according to the screen size. …

Big Brother. 2+2=5. The memory hole. “Truth isn’t truth.”

In the world of 1984, Big Brother is always watching. The ruling party has its own language “Newspeak” which served the purpose of narrowing down thoughts and “Thought Police” to guard against free ideology. A state where every word is monitored, history is rewritten or deleted to serve the purposes of those in power, individuals holding contradictory views or “Thought Crimes” could be “vaporized” meaning they don’t really exist in view of the “Thought Police”.

This 70 year old dystopian fiction is even more relevant in today's era of fake news…

I’ve a black mirror, Never shows my reflection. Still blinks , Back at me…

Black Mirror , a set of cautionary tales at Netflix that transports us into fictional worlds of technology. Yet we can imagine something that will become our future reality, a sad reality.

Starting with the very start , The National Anthem. One of the most disgusting and gruesome episodes of the show. Yet, we don’t realize how tech robs our moral without we even realizing it. No matter what, we don’t take our eyes off the screen !

Another episode where you could see “The entire…

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